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Welcome to my official website! My name is Windhunter (Also sometimes known as Windhunter7) , and this is my website! I make game mods, tutorials of all kinds, and even games! Be sure to check out my Discord channel for progress updates on literally anything at all! 😀

With that being said, I do all of my work for free, so please support me and my projects and donate.

Website Updates started officially on 6/16/2020.

Website Updates:

              - Commissions are now no longer available, most likely permanently (All commission updates from previous website updates have been removed from this list, as they are no longer relevant)


              - A new website is soon to be on its way here, for Dungeons and Dragons systems, starting with a brand-new, canon, Avatar the Last Airbender system!
              - Very minor clarification edits throughout
              - Changed contact info throughout
              - Added some more Project Recolor details
              - Deleted the "Tutoring" section, as it has been discontinued; be sure to check out my tutorials, though!
              - Deleted the "Subscriptions" section, as updates will now be done purely via Discord / YouTube

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